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Welcome to Garden Inspirations where we aim to help people love their gardens.

In response to the ever-growing interest in gardening, we have added a brand new service called Garden Coaching (see below).
Services include:

Garden Consultations - On the spot advice & ideas.

Makeovers - Brighten up your existing garden.

Design - New or existing garden concepts & ideas.

Pruning - Have an expert prune your shrubs & small trees.

Coaching - Clarify and achieve your goals in your garden.

Garden Coaching

What does a garden coach do?

A garden coach helps the busy person achieve his or her goals and dreams for the garden.   This may take the form of providing a practical advice and information service, a reminder service or it may be the full coaching service guiding you through a project (such as a garden renovation or a new design implementation)

The full garden coach services include the following:

  1. Assistance in defining and clarifying your goals and plans for your garden and helping you stay on track.  
  2. A reminder service for the monthly gardening tasks
  3. On call consulting to assist with advice and finding answers to problems

For instance, you might find it very useful to hire a garden coach if you have a garden project but you don't know how or where to start on it, such as a new garden design.   Alternatively, you may have a special project that you have started but things seem to have ground to a halt.   Your coach will help you to overcome any obstacles and to come up with a plan, a strategy and a schedule.   An extra option is to hire the coach to help you stay on track.

Your first garden coaching session takes at least an hour, followed by regular shorter coaching sessions.

You can purchase the reminder service separately.   Once a month you will receive a list of the appropriate tasks due to be performed in your garden this month, along with some tips and helpful information

You can also purchase the on call consulting separately.   Rather than trying to find answers to your questions in gardening books and /or magazines, or trekking out to the Garden Centre, you could subscribe to this service where you can ask your questions.

This is an excellent service for the busy person with a garden!

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