Hypericum androsaemum 'Orange Flair'

Garden Design

- Don’t like your garden the way it is?
- Feel like there is not much hope for your garden?
- Have no ideas on how to start fixing your garden?

At your initial consultation, we can discuss some design ideas. If any of these ideas appeal to you, Garden Inspirations will develop a new garden concept for you.

This is done through consultation with you about how you currently use your garden, what your hopes are for its future and what you personally like in the way of landscaping styles and plants. (For instance, do you like neat and tidy, lots of variety, English country border, colour all year round, easy care, etc.)

Garden Inspirations does not offer formal landscape architecture. Instead, we offer a less expensive design solution by staying away from formal drawings and precise planting plans. We will present you with one or more concepts in rough format. From there, we will develop your chosen design.

We offer the following services:
- Design concepts
- Rough drawings
- Planting concept, or a detailed planting plan
- List of plants by area
- Assistance in finding a landscaping firm to implement the plan
- Supervision and consultation during implementation

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